Articles August 2017

30/08/2017 – Deadline Day
Does a looming deadline focus our minds or instill panic? It depends on how we prepare and who we work with.

23/08/2017 – Britain’s Got Talent
How do employers combat a skill shortage? With game-changing recruitment software from Jane Systems.

16/08/2017 – The Clock Is Ticking
The countdown to GDPR may be bad news for some, but for Jane Systems and our partners it’s just another stage in our evolution.

09/08/2017 – Karaoke
Some software promises a great deal but lacks flexibility and functionality. Jane Systems delivers intuitive HR and Payroll software that brings people and teams together.

02/08/2017 – Day One
Many new starters make up their minds to quit during their first week on the job. How can we turn this negative into a positive?

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