Those of us who grew up in the 1970s and 1980s will be acutely aware of just how much progress has been made towards equality of opportunity. Employers are more supportive, more committed to diversity and more focused on wellness and engagement.

But this is no time to rest on our laurels. This week we’ve seen a reminder that we need to keep moving forward.

Research from Badenoch and Clark reveals that two out of five people believe they’ve experienced some form of bias, either when applying for a job or in the workplace itself.

In addition one in five are concerned enough about perceived bias to have taken action to hide their age, disability, social background or sexuality.

While many of us are happy with our employer’s commitment to equality and diversity, others are unconvinced. Nicola Linkleter, President of Professional Staffing, is among the prominent voices making the point that a positive workplace culture must come from root-and-branch commitment that’s clear in every strategic decision.

Here at Jane Systems, we’re in full agreement. We believe a company’s culture manifests itself in every recruitment interview, every training session and every client interaction. And we don’t believe in “bolt-ons”. You can’t just tack on a message of inclusiveness as an afterthought.

You need integration. In your thinking and in your systems. That’s why Jane’s integrated HR and Payroll system delivers a platform for efficiency and inclusiveness that covers employers and their people every step of the way from recruitment to retirement.

Each service module – HR, Payroll, Occupational Sickness, Recruitment and Staff Development – works effectively in its own right, and when you put them all together you have a system that supports diversity, cooperation and achievement. The Jane Self-Service Portal has been praised by employers as a motivating tool that actively increases employee engagement and training take-up. The recruitment module has been applauded as an equality aid that focuses entirely on applicant suitability and creates a compliant and ready-made employee record for new starters.

This morning I found a dollar bill in my wallet, left over from a recent trip to the United States. On the reverse side of the note is an image of a pyramid that’s been left unfinished. It’s unfinished to remind Americans that their society – often praised as the most diverse and egalitarian in world history – is still working towards what it ought to be. It’s a work in progress.

At Jane Systems we’re confident in our service, but we’re not arrogant or foolish enough to believe we can afford to stand still. Jane’s commitment to service excellence, like society’s commitment to equality and diversity, is a work in progress.

Our clients and partners know we’ll keep moving forward, never complacent and always improving on their behalf. If you’d like to be part of that improvement and commitment, contact Jane Systems today.

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