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We Can’t Choose What to Care About

She deserved a more thorough explanation, of course, and the full answer to her question was that in our view there’s no such thing as “after-sales”. When you become our client it’s not a conclusion. It’s a beginning. Keeping you compliant and supported is all part of the ongoing sales process.

You deserve service partners who understand what you contribute and will work tirelessly to help you uphold your standards and values. You deserve partners who value what you’ve already accomplished and are ready to put systems in place that will give you a platform for continuing success.

As ever, the issues that challenge HR and payroll professionals are our problems to solve.

When you tell us you’re prioritising employee wellness

We keep working on software solutions that enable managers to dive deep into performance and absence patterns, recognise warning signs of work-related stress before they can become overwhelming and ensure that the right action – and the right care – is taken.

When you tell us you’re prioritising GDPR compliance

We keep working on protecting you. Non-compliance with GDPR will cost you a fine of up to 20 million Euros or 4% of your global turnover. Jane Systems helps you keep that money in your pocket. Our solution enables your people to give and withdraw data consent whenever they choose, exactly as the law demands, and delivers immediate notification of any changes in consent status.

When you tell us that improved employee engagement is the future of your organisation

We keep working on adding value to your corporate communication. The Jane Self Service Portal increases training take-up, gives designated managers a big picture overview of activity and delivers regular snapshots of the commitment and enthusiasm of your workforce. Yes, HR software […]

Chin Up

When it comes to dealing with mental health issues in the workplace, we’ve made undeniable progress. Having said that, I heard all three of the above statements used to and about a member of staff on a visit to a client’s office only last year. The person in question did look like he needed cheering up but he certainly wasn’t “mental”. He was a good professional coming to terms with a mental health issue. He’d flagged this up to his employer who’d assured him that his job was secure and spread the word that this person was to be treated well. Everyone tried to do that and many succeeded, but one person saying “leave him alone, he’s mental” is one too many.

NHS research tells us that a quarter of Britain’s workforce will have to cope with a mental health issue at some point in 2018. Obviously there are degrees of severity but employers are waking up to the fact that these issues are complex and debilitating and must be managed effectively.

Different managers have different leadership styles, and old school motivators may find it challenging to deal with conditions that they can’t personally identify with. The reality of modern management, though, is that being open to supportive communication and flexibility around hours and duties now comes with the territory.

We deal with senior HR professionals every day, and the judgement and consideration they show is admirable. Their instincts serve them well, but instincts can only take us so far. Sooner or later you need to have a plan. That’s where we come in.

Jane software actively encourages workplace interaction, with our self-service options enabling your people to put in immediate requests for training and development activity. By […]