This week the CIPD shared research findings suggesting that HR support could be the key to higher productivity for Britain’s small to medium sized businesses. They also called on the government to fund this support to the tune of £13 million.

Thriving SMEs are crucial to economic success and at a time when business confidence seems to be fluctuating, Britain’s entrepreneurs need to maximise their opportunities. In a recent report, the Lloyds Bank Business in Britain review indicated that confidence among SMEs had grown in the first half of 2017. Their “confidence index” measuring expectations of sales and profits rose by 10%, but there was a downside. Over 50% of companies surveyed now say they are struggling to hire skilled employees.

The CIPD have a solution. They want to expand their People Skills Initiative. This scheme has provided a sample group of employers with free part-time HR support, and in many cases it’s laid the foundation for success. In Glasgow, 400 small companies were aided with such good results that the city council kept funding the programme after the trial run ended. Measurable improvements in employee relations, productivity and bottom line profit all tell the same positive story.

To make this a UK-wide initiative would cost £13 million a year. Will the money be found?

As a British business success story, Jane Systems supports any initiative that helps entrepreneurs make their mark. And after two decades of working hand in glove with senior human resources professionals, we’re well aware of the importance of good HR practice.

We admire the CIPD’s efforts and our systems dovetail perfectly with their initiatives. The Jane solution is tried and tested, and won’t cost anyone £13 million.

The Jane Recruitment and Staff Development Modules offer a complete lifecycle solution allowing teams of any size to streamline their hiring processes. Cutting edge skill-matching software fits job applicants to your business needs, delivering tailored analysis of external and internal candidates. If they can do the job, we help you find them.

The Jane Self-Service Portal has been praised by clients across all sectors as a tool that actively encourages employees to take responsibility for their working lives, leading to an increase in training activity, a tightening up in key compliance areas and a decrease in admin downtime. It also ensures managers retain oversight and control while allowing them significantly more time to lead their businesses forward.

The cost of this support?
Less than you might think, and the best investment you’ll make in 2017

The cost of ignoring HR needs and failing to build a foundation for your business?

More than you can afford, risking a failure you don’t deserve

We agree with the CIPD about the importance of entrepreneurship to the British economy, and we agree with them about the vital role HR has to play in business success. That’s why we do what we do.
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